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Stanne's 'Unlove tour' reached schools from Manchester to Bradford and everywhere inbetween. Stanne inspired students with exceptional responce from the schools performing her EP Unlove. Find the EP under the music page. Check out the video and images below.

Just some pictures from the Unlove Tour!

About Stanne Music

An urban-pop songwriter from York based in Leeds. Stanne originally started singing classical winning competitions for her soprano voice. Following her passions, Stanne moved to Leeds and as she started writing her own music where a pop music career flourished. Heavily influenced by some of her favourite musicians such as The Weeknd and Halsey and adoring vocals of Aretha Franklin to Beyonce, Stanne gained an urban twist on her pop sound with her favourite sounds and styles of urban music. Stanne writes passionately, her music is heavily influenced by her experiences and a lot of the time the people around her. Her track 'Leave him' with Willi.M was inspired by one of her best friend's relationships.

"I said to my friend, I've written you a song, but I don't want you to take it as an offence. She couldn't believe I'd put those thoughts into a song. She was shocked and only slightly flattered at the same time. But she liked it. I approached Willi.M after we had thrown some tracks back and forth and he liked the vibes of the song and immediately jumped on it. I love his verse, it really echos the songs vibes perfectly. It completes the song."

Other songs such as "You Gotta Work" is a fiery reminder to all, that even if there is love on the horizon, that shouldn't stop you from doing what your passion is. What drives you. Don't ever give it up just because you met someone and they taking your time. Don't ever lose sight of yourself because it is so easy to do so.

It's not always the vibes you listen to when you're low. In contrast to "You Gotta Work" the pop track "Fire" is about being a team about supporting and loving someone and how great that feeling is so good and the total calmness of 'I've got this' comes into play. Stanne's music has such a flow and journey to it that it makes the songs perfect for every mood.

"When you start writing feelings down in a song, they all just come flooding out. It could be good feelings, or bad it really depends on the mood when writing. I sometimes have had a great idea of a melody or riff or a chord pattern I have worked on and I get to the studio and I can be like, actually I need to write for a different mood right now. Something beautiful can come out of that so you end up with two great tracks."

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